DataKit для аднаўлення дадзеных Android

,en Best Data Savior For Your Android Devices.

  • # 1 Хуткасць аднаўлення файлаў Android у гэтай галіне.
  • Аднавіць фатаграфіі, кантакты, паведамленні, часопіс выклікаў, відэа і многае іншае.
  • Аднаўленне дадзеных Android пры памылках АС, Выдаленне, Укараненне памылак, Памылка SD-карты і многае іншае.
  • Аднаўленне дадзеных з унутранай памяці, SD-карты і сапсаванага тэлефона Samsung Android.
  • Падтрымка амаль усіх прылад Android.
  • Прастата ў выкарыстанні з інтуітыўна зразумелым інтэрфейсам.
  • Падтрымка Android 10.
Win СпампавацьСпампаваць MacWin СпампавацьСпампаваць MacАтрымаеце бясплатную пробную версію па электроннай пошце для наступнай загрузкі на кампутары

Save Your Valuable Data in Any Disaster

No Matter How your Android data lost. DataKit can get it back for you.

There are so many reasons that cause to lost data on Android device. No worry. Our Android Data Recovery supports to deal with most situations. Let's see in what scenarios that we can help to recover data from your android devices.

Памылка OS

ROM міргае пашкоджана

Just Plug your Android device to the PC with DataKit Android Data Recovery installed, you can scan and recover all kinds of file you want to retrieve, including:

Recover WhatsApp Chats and Attachment on your Android

DataKit Android Data Recovery enable you to recover all the lost WhatsApp Messages and attachment on your Android in no time. NO Root is needed! Click to learn more.

Attachments you can recover with DataKit Android Recovery:

How to Recover Deleted Data on Android?

3 Simple Steps to Recover Data from Android Phone.

Why DataKit Android Data Recovery?

17 Years’ Experience, 20+ million Customers around the world, 100% Secure, Free Tech Support.

Recovered 99% of all Photo from Samsung


“I was devastated when I lost my images when transferring them from my Samsung Note 11 to my tablet during a trip far from home. I knew they were either lost forever or had to pay a lot of money at my local photo or electronic store to get them back.
I finally bumped into this and tried it at once. When it was installed and all the photos, even those deleted long time ago were recovered! I am glad to have found this program.”

---- By Michelle Swift.

Lost Files Recovered!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Loads easily and does exactly what it says it does.
I lost a whole bunch of files on my Huawei Mate 10 and this program retrieved them for me.”

----By Ali J.

Worked great with the guide and instruction!


“This program worked great for me. I had a little issue connecting and retrieving my photos and videos, but I contacted customer help and they got back to me (faster than estimated) through email with more detailed instructions.
If you need a quick fix and you didn't delete the files a long time ago, DataKit should work alright for you.”

----By Gwen.

You will not go wrong with this program!


“My Android was down and didn’t turn on.
I wanted all the audio recording files back and this program did the job! ”

----By Aiden McDonough

Паспрабуйце Android Data Recovery БЯСПЛАТНА зараз!

Make your Android phone life better.

Аднаўленне страчаных паведамленняў, фатаграфій, кантактаў, паведамлення WhatsApp і многае іншае.

Win СпампавацьСпампаваць Mac Атрымаеце бясплатную пробную версію па электроннай пошце для наступнай загрузкі на кампутары

Beyond Your Expectation

Free Preview before Selective Recovery

You can decide what to recover by free viewing the scanned result.

Compatible with 10000+ Android Phone and tablets

Samsung, Huawei, Oneplus, LG, Motorola, Sony, Google, Xiaomi, OPPO, ViVO, ZTE, etc

Recover Android Data in any conditions

Black screen, Stuck in Odin mode/ Recovery mode, Broken screen, and even water damaged.

Internal Memory and SD/TF card Recovery

Quick or deep Scanning the data from your Android internal memory, SD/TF card, and SIM Card.


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